Safe Piece, a film by Isabelle Vigier & Valentina Campora

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experimental documentary / dance film. Video (2019) 26 min. / Language no problem.

A film by Isabelle Vigier and Valentina Campora, based on a dance piece by Valentina Campora, with music by Andy Moor and the participation of Elio Campora Moor.

Safe Piece originated in choreographer Valentina Campora’s personal experience of trying to combine her artistic work with being a mother. Having to care for a baby and at the same time trying to continue creating new work posed a personal challenge. As an experiment, she began exploring the possibilities of dancing with her baby. In the course of four years Campora has created eight performances, all of them including herself, her young son and his father, Campora’s partner Andy Moor, a musician himself, playing for a small audience. Each performance was filmed by visual artist Isabelle Vigier. Vigier used the video material to create the fim ‘Safe Piece’, and later the installation of the same name.

In the film we see how displacing a family from the home onto the stage allows for the emergence of new alleys of communication and play. Multi-faceted, evolving relationships occur between parents and child within the realm of music and dance. The film proposes an image of the passing of time as a positive, profoundly generative force: seeing a little boy growing up provides both a pace and an emotional frame to the film. The concepts of potential, loss, and realization are embedded in it.

Safe Piece publicly addresses private questions which are deeply relevant because they deal with fundamentals: the right to work, and the right to raise the future members of our society – in a social space where having children is often experienced as a limitation in terms of professional development. Safe Piece is an investigation into passion for making art and making a family.


Valentina Campora, an Italian performer and choreographer based in Amsterdam, NL, initiated the project and formed the team around it. She formulated the original concept and produced the live performances. She has developed the concept in close collaboration with Isabelle Vigier — culminating in the film and the installation of the same name.

Andy Moor (The Ex) is a well known musician improviser and composer of film music. He has worked in various projects with Campora as a live musician, composer, and often an advisor (for example ‘Clessidra, One to One’, ‘Identicality’ and in ‘A Divine Threesome’ by Gabriella Maiorino). Moor is Campora’s partner, and the father of their son. He is also responsible for the soundtrack of the installation version of ‘Safe Piece’.

Elio Chaly Campora Moor is Valentina Campora and Andy Moor’s child. He was seven month old at the beginning of the project.

Isabelle Vigier is the author of the film (2019) and the installation (2020), in close dialogue with Campora and Moor. Vigier and Moor have worked together on many projects in the past, including the live performance ‘Le Journaliste’, but also through the music label Unsounds, of which they are co-founders. Vigier and Campora started their collaboration with Safe Piece and have gone on to work on more projects together.


a film by Isabelle Vigier and Valentina Campora

Réalisation: Isabelle Vigier

Based on the performance ‘Safe Piece’ by Valentina Campora

Performers: Valentina Campora and Andy Moor with Elio Campora Moor

Music: Andy Moor

Cameras: Isabelle Vigier, Hanneke Kuijpers

Editing: Isabelle Vigier

Color calibration: Sergio Gridelli

Sound mastering: Andy Moor

Additional music: Temusewo Mukasa Uganda Harp ‘Okwagala omulungi kwesengereza’

Filmed on location in Amsterdam (NL): OT301, Leine&Roebana Studio, Zaal 100, De Balie, Plantage Dok, De Roode Biooscop and at Le Theatre de St. Nazaire (FR)

Production: Valentina Campora

Made with support by AFK Amsterdam Funds for the Arts, Theatre De Roode Biooscop and cultural center OT301, Amsterdam



Valentina Campora(IT) graduated at the Modern Dance Department of the Theaterschool of Amsterdam and at D.A.M.S. at the University of Litterature and Philosophy of Genova. An active participant in the Amsterdam music and dance scene as an independent maker she has also danced and collaborated with Jakop Ahlbom (NL), Erik Kaiel (NL), Cristina Planas Leitao (PT), Heather Ware (NL), Bani Koshnoudi (IR/US) and Andy Moor (UK/NL) o.a. Between 2008 to 2014 she worked with choreographer Gabriella Maiorino (IT/NL). She has been involved in research projects at Danslab, Den Haag (NL), and abroad, (Portugal, Italy). Since 2007 she has participated in ‘Wonderland’, a renown improvised music and dance group for children (0/+) initiated by Makiko Ito (J/NL). As a dance teacher she is a regular guest at Dance Company De Stilte, Breda (NL), De Theaterschool, Amsterdam (NL), Fontys Academy, Tilburg and HJS Foundation, Amsterdam (NL). Throughout her studies and professional career she has always combined her interest and experience in the visual arts, philosophy and dance.


French artist and graphic designer, she established herself in the Netherlands in the mid 90’s, and has been active ever since as an independent maker. She is currently based in Brussels, Belgium. For the last 20 years she has been creating visual works for various stages, in the Netherlands and abroad. The long and fruitful artistic relationship with the maverick Magpie Music Dance Company starting in the late 1990’s was the beginning of her close collaborative work with the avant-garde of both contemporary dance and music. Three of her long time partners with whom she has worked regularly are the dance company ICK / Emio Greco|PC, (Amsterdam/Marseille) (Dante’s Trilogy, Addio Alla Fine), composer Yannis Kyriakides (Horizon, Scape, QFO, Varosha a.o) and composer/performer Anne La Berge (as a designer : Shackle, Volsap, as artist: Threads, Utter). Her media of predilection include video, photography and image making in a broad sense, in particular through the re-contextualizing of found footage and images. As a designer Vigier creates graphic works for and around the performing and visual arts. She is co-founder and artistic director of the music imprint Unsounds, a notable platform for new contemporary, experimental and improvised music, with Andy Moor and Yannis Kyriakides. /

ANDY MOOR / music, performance

Next to being a well known guitarist of bands such as Dog Faced Hermans and the Ex, Andy Moor has collaborated with many musicians from varied backgrounds and disciplines over the years. Many of these collaborations are duos, with amongst others Cypriot composer Yannis Kyriakides, French sound poet Anne-James Chaton, Brooklyn-based DJ, producer and writer DJ /rupture to name a few. Moor is also a composer of soundtracks for films, working with english artist/filmmaker Marion Coutts, with Iranian filmmaker Bani Khoshnoudi and US experimental filmmaker Jem Cohen. He has an active interest for participating in dance performances, live, or as a composer. Moor and Campora are sharing the stage on several projects. His working relationship with Vigier includes the live performance ‘The Journalist’, and their music label, Unsounds.

Andy Moor on Wikipedia /

SAFE PIECE public presentations

Safe Piece (installation)

Movement Exposed Gallery Space, Utrecht, NL, sept/oct 2020,

Safe Piece (film)

Official Selection InShadow Festival, Lisbon December 20 Nov/13 Dec 2020

Premiére, Music dance Performance Festival, OT301, Amsterdam, june 2019

(Work in progress and performance) Teatro Akropolis Dance Festival Genova, IT, November 2018

(Work in progress) Performing arts Festival, Theater Frascati, Amsterdam, NL, 2018

(Work in progress ) Why Not Festival, Amsterdam, NL, 2017

Safe Piece

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1/ ‘Safe Piece’ By Valentina Campora with Andy Moor and Isabelle Vigier with special appearance of Elio Campora Moor. Work in progress (2013/2017) video 20′ presented at Coming Together#3, Frascati Theater Amsterdam, 19-01- 2017 and Why Not Festival, Amsterdam, 11-07-2017


2/Safe Piece, a film.

A film by Isabelle Vigier and Valentina Campora (2019)

Based on the performance ‘Safe Piece’ with Valentina Campora, Andy Moor and the participation of Elio and Milo Campora Moor. Music: Andy Moor

Synopsis: Since her child was seven months old, choreographer Valentina Campora initiated a series of performances where she, the father of the child, and the baby are performing together in front of a small public. Eight sessions have been documented on video over the last four years. With this footage Campora and video artist Isabelle Vigier have created a film that exposes the process of evolving a dance piece based on the question of how to combine parenting and making dance. The family develops a non verbal language that allows them be all at once within a multitude of polarized dimensions: private and public, playing and performing, caring and taking risks, improvising and creating choreography.

Made with support by AFK Amsterdam Funds for the Arts | Theater De Roode Biooscop | cultural center OT301, Amsterdam


  • Teatro Akropolis, Genoa 10-2018
  • Music Dance Festival, OT 301, Amsterdam 06-2019
  • more to come











Connecting Tunes

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Connecting Tunes was born from a desire I shared with my friend musician Felicity Provan to take action at a time where the refugee crisis was growing overwhelmingly. We wanted to involve music makers and artists in a dialogue between our community and the people living in Amsterdam as refugees or asylum seekers. Our idea was to use the power of music making as a bridge for mutual appreciation, while delivering an artful concert series.
We were looking for meaningful ways to express solidarity and love to those people who’ve had to leave everything behind to seek security and a future. Through Connecting Tunes we hoped, somehow, to help.
As artists involved in the world of independent music the most meaningful thing we can offer is the music we love and create. We have seen in the asylum seekers center that music playing and sharing is present and meaningful. Therefore the idea of Connecting Tunes,  a monthly concert for, and with refugees in Amsterdam.
We created a program with musicians from our network; jazz, improvisation, songs, electronics or experimental, small settings of 1 to 4 musicians, mostly acoustic. Musicians from the refugee’s community of the Flierbosdreef in Amsterdam Bijlmer were given the space too, and we found ways to start a dialogue in music. We played together.
Now we view the mutual contact that happened through music in the concert series as our first achievement. The series stopped with the closing of the center where the refugees were based.


“A mexican singer sings love songs from Vera Cruz, a young singer from Iran responds with love songs of his own hand, there’s a world between those songs, but it was blending in that time and place. We were happy to be there in such fantastic company and felt like ‘YES’ this is what we want. Volunteers, you’re lovable, refugees, you’re us, musicians you’re magic. Thank you Geerte, Nora, Fuensanta and Mahan!.”

“There was light pouring into the space all afternoon. Connecting Tunes 3 was vibrant and happy, with a colorful group of people from lands as far away as Yemen, Mexico, Syria, Iran, Irak, Eritrea, and also friends from Berlin (thanks Cooking for peace Berlin/Ciska Jansen) Amsterdam, the Bijlmer…
Again moved and truly thankful for the generosity of our guests: artists, volunteers, neighbors, refugees, and the church community of Buuren in de Nieuwe Stad.”


We found a partner in the eocumenical community of the Nieuwe Stad, in the Bijlmer. The various churches under the Nieuwe Stad roof are working together under the name ‘Buurten in de Nieuwe Stad’. They are eager to act positively for the neighborhood, church users of different faiths, residents and refugees included. They offered their beautiful space, an architect building from the 80’s, as well as many volunteers, and hosted the Connecting Tunes concert series. We are grateful for their support and generosity.
We organized 5 concerts from March to July 2016, free for all asylum seekers and neighbors, including Syrian and Iranian food for the community. Cooking for Peace from Berlin joined us on one event. Supermarket chain AH had the grace to sponsor 2 of the meals in natura.
The Flierbosdreef, in the Bijlmer area of Amsterdam, was a temporary facility for asylum seekers in the earliest stages of their process; those men and women had just arrived and were trying to find their marks, and stabilize. They were mostly under great stress. They formed a fluctuating community could be dispatched to new locations at very short notice. The location closed in August 2016, that is when the project stopped as well.

Connecting Tunes founders:
Isabelle Vigier: music label owner. designer. artist / Felicity Provan: independent music professional





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An interactive performance and installation
hu11Watch Utter Trailer
Utter tells a story about the complexities of the mother/child relationship from the perspective of language acquisition in a performance with sound and images. The piece is based on a text and composition by Anne La Berge. She invited me to develop the visual part of the piece, and we involved Marcel Wierckx who in turn helped with the interactive set up that we had envisioned for the piece. The three of us worked artistically on developing Utter, aiming at a format that could be performed live by Anne as well as being an interactive installation. The set includes 6 iPads that run a newly developed app that interacts with a laptop that steers both audio and visual material. Unsounds has published Utter within a collection of digital stories. Utter has been performed in the US, Mexico, New Zealand, and Europe, and will continue to be performed live in the future.
The making of Utter and performance tours can be seen on Anne’s website: here.
Making of 

Anne La Berge – working out our interactive tool – Splendor Amsterdam

At Marcel Wierckx studio, working on software

This project is partially funded by the Creative Industries Funds NL and the Performing Arts Fund NL and supported by Volsap Foundation, Unsounds and Splendor Amsterdam. The video trailer is by Sergio Gridelli, 2016. Mark Marijnissen helped develop the unique software.


















Delirium Still

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Delirium Still Trailer
Publicity and video teaser for David Dramm’s ‘Delirium Still’ for accordion quartet.



If that diamond ring turns brass

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“Many lullabies, sweet as they commonly seem, often reflect dark and sinister meaning. Vigier’s selection from various traditional poems develops throughout the work alongside increasingly more obscure imagery. She delves into the darkness of the night, paying homage to the legends, terrors and the eventual peace that often settles across the night’s span. These images are accompanied by haunting subtleties in the soundtrack, such as the glass bead mobile shimmering beneath the unrelenting violin arpeggios in Kate Moore’s Broken Rosary.”  – Music Trust Australia, review by Tamara Kholer 02-2020




 A work based on the deconstruction of the lyrics in lullabies of various heritages. Re-contextualizing words and images, I composed an abstract berceuse, around the mysteries, the fears and the peace that come with the act of falling asleep. This project is companion to the program called ‘Close your eyes and I’ll close mine’ that toured around Australia in 2012, with Anna McMichael, violin, Tamara-Anna Cislowska, piano, Isabelle Vigier, video. It is published on Unsounds, 2014.



KAO make & play

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Kroost! festival. Almere, NL


Doek improvisation festival. Amsterdam, NL



VIDEO  intervention during DOEK Festival, may 2014 Kao kids make an unexpected action during a concert session: they pop-up on stage and improvisers Eric Boeren and Benjamin Herman join in.




KAO make & play is a process based creative platform combining visual and physical expression. For kids age 8/13. The participants invent characters, painting big faces on large brown paper bags; these will be the starting point for multiple explorations. Story-making, sound-making, movement and performance, are based on improvisation, observation, dialogue.
Isabelle Vigier (artistic direction/visual artist) Makiko Ito (performer/choregrapher) Anne LaBerge and Jochem van Tol (musician and performers)
KAO has a page for news
photos: Ilse Schrama, Marion de Brea, Isabelle Vigier


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