L’invisible est multiforme

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Double 10 inch design for the duo Delphine Dora & Mocke (Belgium) on By the Bluest of Seas. With photos by Beata Szparagowska. 2023. A package with a special sleeve holding the two 10 inch inner sleeves and a set of cards.

Delphine Dora : vocals, keyboards
Mocke : guitars

Dry Speed

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LP design for the belgium trio Dry Speed on By the Bluest of Seas. With photos by Beata Beata Szparagowska.

Joachim Devillé : electric guitar, flugelhorn, trumpet, effects
Thomas Olbrechts : alto saxophone, prepared post horn
Dirk Wauters : drums, percussions


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Poster for #59, Mechanisms common to disparate phenomena, a film by Joost Rekveld

Clap. An Anatomy Of Applause

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A limited edition double LP with original works by Eraldo Bernocchi + Maurizio Bianchi + Barbara Ellison + Terence Hannum + Ji Youn Kan + Fani Konstantinidou + Yannis Kyriakides + Andy Moor + Moor Mother + Massimo Pupillo + Scanner (Robin Rimbaud). Based on an original idea by Andrea Stillacci, co-curated with Unsounds. About the many forms and meanings that the sound of applause can take according to its context. CLAP. An Anatomy Of Applause Unsounds cat n. 69U, 2022.

Eliane tapes – part 2

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Design d’une série de K7 en hommage à la compositrice Eliane Radigue. Volumes 4, 5 et 6, 2022 (la série comprendra 10 volumes) – Label Moving Furniture Records, Amsterdam.

I Don’t Want To Be An Individual All On My Own

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Music for Safe Piece

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Solo album by Andy Moor, guitars. The release includes a link to the film Safe Piece by Isabelle Vigier and Valentina Campora of which Andy Moor performs the music. Moor has created an album based on his improvisations during the series of performances that took place in the course of 4 years. Unsounds cat n. 68U, 2021.

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