Prins Boudewijnstraat 66 / 66 rue Prince Baudouin

1090 Jette – Bruxelles


TEL: 0032 468 021 203


§ 2 Responses to Contact"

  • Saskia Lenartz says:

    I would like tot buy this perfume Youparadiso. Do you have this?
    Or do you know where i can buy this?

    • isabelle says:

      Hello Saskia, the best would be for you to contact the dance company for whom I developed the perfume with Alessandro Gualtierri.
      ICK Amsterdam +31 (0)20 – 6167240
      I have only my own samples, which you are welcome to come and see sometime, but I have none for sale.
      Good luck and thank you for your interest, Isabelle Vigier

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