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  • Colin says:

    Hi Isabelle,
    Your e-mail address on the page is unprotected so could get easily extracted by spambots.

    At this site you can create the obfuscated code…

  • This is Shawn Faherty, a Visual Artist out of Boston. I wanted to invite you to a VJ competition that we are running here, and thought you might be interested in hearing about it.
    The Together Festival, along with myself would like to invite you to come out to and possibly perform at this years VJ Competition. We would like to highlight the art of the Visual Artist, and what better way than a performance of our best live works to the public?
    Of course with this being a VJ-centric event, we want to give you VJ prizes too! We have licenses from Derivative (Touch Designer), Garagecube and Resolume, with a few more coming online soon! We hope to have everything from content packs, hardware, and software to have you win.

    The submissions just went live this week, and close on May 4th. The show itself is in Boston on May 14th. This year we have 3 tracks you can choose from to make a demo to submit.

    Check out the event page here, and the facebook event here.

    I hope to see you there,
    but if you are too far, please share this unique event with others.

    Like us:


  • Barbara Meter says:

    Hi Isabelle, i tried to mail you but a duck this way, in english because this is but in fact your studio is almost around the corner from where I live.
    I do not know if you have time but I would, if you have, like to talk to you about a possible design for the cover of the DVD of my film, and also a poster…Karel Doing is my producer. We have met shortly at some filmoccasion…
    Hope to hear from you,
    hartelijke groet,

  • Dear Isabelle Vigier,

    Happy New Year and all the best wishes for 2015.

    My name is Regina Alivisatos and I am contacting you on behalf of the DESTE Foundation in Athens, Greece.

    Back in 2012 we purchased the “The Other Wind” cape which was included in the 2012 destefashioncollection capsule collection curated by Athina Rachel Tsangari.

    As we are currently preparing a publication that will be devoted to the destefashioncollection project, I was hoping you would be able to assist me and confirm that the information we currently have on file is correct (attached I am sending you an image of the cape for your own reference). The information we have is as follows:

    Isabelle Vigier
    “The Other Wind” nylon cape

    In addition, we were very much hoping that you would be able to send us a high resolution photo of the cape in question from the runway, along with the proper credits to be included in our publication.

    I thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you,

    With best regards,

    Regina Alivisatos

  • Hello,

    Iam working as a chef for an association in Berlin. We cooking with saved Food in primary schools, hospitals and refugee fascilities. We cook mainly with children in a big double-decker bus. Here is the Link to our Project:
    I found that little book on your page:
    >Animals Vegetables Fruits<
    Is it still aviable? I hope so, because i think it can be perfect to get little kids in touch with fruits. It could be a easy and funny way to keep names of fruits and veges in mind.
    Hope to get an positive answer from you (:
    Best regards from Berlin,

  • Yuki Ogura says:

    Hi Isabelle!
    I’m a Japanese filmmaker, who you met at the opening party of Van Gogh & Japan.

    You seem working on so many things, which is overwhelming to me.
    Below is the URL of my website. I’d be happy if you can take a time to look at it.

    I hope we will work on something together someday.

    Best Regards,

  • Antonio La Spina says:

    Dear Isabelle,
    my name is Antonio La Spina, I’m a second year master student in composition with Yannis Kyriakides at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague.
    As my research project I am recording an album together with Maurizio Tedde, a fellow student at KC.
    Since we are huge fans of your designs for Unsounds Label, we were wondering if you could give us some advice.
    If it helps, we have somewhat of an idea of what we want the album artwork to look like: visually – even more so than musically – we’d like our album art to be linked to the pop music imaginal world rather than the classical/contemporary one.
    Since this is the first time we approach an album and therefore a collaboration with a graphic artist, pardon the naivety of the following questions.
    How do we approach this kind of collaboration?
    Do you think it would be better for us to ask a student or a professional?
    Do you think we should ask someone that has more of a painting or an editorial background?
    What is your approach to the album artworks that you make for Unsounds? Is it a collaboration with the composers? Do you come up with the graphical identity of the work or do the composers do so?

    Thank you in advance for your help!
    Antonio e Maurizio

  • Anna Woo says:

    How does one contact Anne La Berge? No email on her webpage. Noticed you were her web designer. I am not a social media because of security concerns.

  • Saskia Lenartz says:

    I would like tot buy this perfume Youparadiso. Do you have this?
    Or do you know where i can buy this?

    • isabelle says:

      Hello Saskia, the best would be for you to contact the dance company for whom I developed the perfume with Alessandro Gualtierri.
      ICK Amsterdam +31 (0)20 – 6167240
      I have only my own samples, which you are welcome to come and see sometime, but I have none for sale.
      Good luck and thank you for your interest, Isabelle Vigier

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