Safe Piece (Installation)

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Safe Piece (installation) at Movement Exposed Gallery Space, Utrecht, in September / October 2020.

Safe Piece (installation) was a special phase of the project of the same name, which started with a series of performances and was captured in a film (2019). Safe Piece was presented as an installation for the first time in Utrecht together with a selection of video stills composed by Isabelle Vigier, the film and a soundscape composed by Andy Moor.

When her first child was seven months old choreographer Valentina Campora started a series of performances where she, the father of the child, and the baby are performing together in front of a small audience. Isabelle Vigier documented the sessions on video over four years.  The film Safe Piece shows the process of evolving a semi improvised dance piece through time. The family develops a non verbal language that allows them to be all at once within a multitude of polarized dimensions : private and public, playing and performing, caring and taking risks, improvising and creating choreography.  

For Safe Piece (installation) prints and sounds from the film are assembled in the gallery space, laying out the resonances of bodies through motion, play, rest, and shifting moods.

Interview conducted by Marcelle Schots (excerpt) copyright Movement Exposed Gallery Space. Prints are for sale at the gallery and online.

June 21

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‘June 21’, 2016. Published in ‘Days+days+days’, Stichting Print publisher, 2017


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Magpie Music Dance Company

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As published in ‘Talk/Witness/The Unmade Dance’, SNDO publisher, 2007

Passé / Passages

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Three photographs for the collective project ‘Images against war’, a statement by Galerie Lichtblick, Germany. Website and itinerant exhibition, since 2003.

Sacrifice de Médée

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‘Sacrifice de Médée’ a companion to ‘Medea’ by Calliope Tsoupaki; portfolio of 8 prints that was given to the public on the occasion of the performances of ‘Medea’ by ensemble MAE, 2010.


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Photography and design for Yannis Kyriakides Wordless Unsounds cat n.13U

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