Sacrifice de Médée

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‘Sacrifice de Médée’ a companion to ‘Medea’ by Calliope Tsoupaki; portfolio of 8 prints that was given to the public on the occasion of the performances of ‘Medea’ by ensemble MAE, 2010.


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Photography and design for Yannis Kyriakides Wordless Unsounds cat n.13U



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A series of DVDs with works by Yannis Kyriakides and featuring his music/words pieces. (Narratives 1: Dreams)

Transfer Series

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A series of 4 x 7′ singles with works by word artist Anne-James Chaton and improviser Andy Moor. The theme of ‘transportation’ links the 4 releases, all constructed around facts (side A) and fiction (side B). The folded poster sleeves feature collages mirroring the accumulative effect used in Chaton’s texts.



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