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Joost Rekveld BluRay on the iconic experimental film label Re:voir, 2019. A box-set with 2 discs and a book (120 p.) featuring original texts by Joost Rekveld on the making of the films, archive images, and new photo material produced by myself for this release. Launch IFFR 2019. A co-production Re:voir and EYE Film museum.


The OtherAbilities

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For the OtherAbilities Festival (Amsterdam 1-3 March 2019) I contributed the festival ID, with ads, posters, flyers, social media communication, website, festival presence in the building of Broedplaats Lely, as well as exhibition design. Festival was curated by artist Adi Hollander (PSWAR) and art theorist Eva Fotiadi, and featured works by international artists and thinkers who’s pioneer works center on the concept of shifting senses.


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Anne La Berge

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  Composer Anne La Berge website
Photo campaign for the launch of La Berge’s new LP on Unsounds, and for her new visual identity, materializing in a logo, a new website, a USB card.


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Black ink and transparent vinyl for RAW. Anne La Berge and MAZE Unsounds 2017.

The Present is Present

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The Present is Present, a festival on Improvisation taking place in 8 independent venues in the city of Amsterdam. Identity, posters, flyers, website, social media campaign were meant to emphasize a collaborative, playful spirit both in music making and the organization of the scene.


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Heretics is a series of portraits of radical heretical figures found throughout the history of schismatic thinking. Heretics like Caravaggio, William Burroughs, Jose Mujica, Marquis de Sade and Johnny Rotten, fascinated the artists. These influential figures are presented here in the form of poetic texts and catchy melodies combined with experimental noise.
With the addition of ex-Sonic Youth guitarist, singer and songwriter Thurston Moore, Anne-James Chaton and Andy Moor’s more than a decade long collaboration becomes an extra exciting trio. Together they researched and created the material for Heretics during a residency in the French port of St Nazaire, in July 2014. They used voice, guitars and electronics in solo, duo or trio, to collaboratively explore their ideas and co-write texts and music. The process was documented on film by Benoit Bourreau, and a DVD is part of the package containing as well a Cd and a book of texts. I had the privilege to be invited during the residency in Saint-Nazaire, to conceptualize the design of the publication based on my experience of being immersed in the project.
This release was made possible with support from Lebeau et Associes (Paris), Herezie (Paris), Mona Films (Paris) and La Muse en Circuit (Paris). Unsounds, 2016





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