Things that a mutant needs to know (more short & amazing stories)

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The book is a collection of fifty-five short tales and fifty-five brief music pieces composed by a momentary collective of eighteen musicians. The texts are an assortment of tales written or compiled by diverse authors (from Lucian of Samosata to Virginia Woolf, Emanuel Swedenborg to Blaise Cendrars). There are stories of walking trees, burning dresses, illnesses mysteriously cured, and deaths surprisingly reversed. The music consists of sonic readings and reactions to the stories. Book with 2 CDs and enhanced eBook in english and spanish.
Editor Reinaldo Laddaga, co-curated by Unsounds. Design and illustrations Isabelle Vigier

The Academy of the Senses

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The Academy of the Senses, Synesthetics in Art, Science and Education, by Frans Evers
ArtScience Interfaculty Press 2012. 300 pages, english Compilation: Vincent W. J. van Gerven Oei ; editorial team: Vincent W. J. van Gerven Oei, Joost Rekveld, Eric Parren; iconography: Joost Rekveld, Isabelle Vigier, assistant Ludmila Rodriguez; design and production: Isabelle Vigier; impression: Raddraaier, Amsterdam.









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Experimental film in the Netherland since 1960, including 12 essays on dutch experimental film makers, an extensive illustrated filmography, a DVD.

Filmbank / uitgeverij de Balie. 286 pages + DVD. 2 versions: dutch and english


Animals Vegetables Fruits

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a book of drawings by Joe Williamson, limited edition, 24p.

Zeven suprematistische revoluties

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Essay by Joost Rekveld, Nai publishers / Muhka Antwerpen (exhibition catalogue)



Book cover series

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M-book-covers page500

A series of +- 80 book covers for dutch publisher Meulenhoff. A basic grid allows for playfulness and continuity over two years of re-editions of successful titles.

The Art of progamming

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