Unsounds Sleeves (at home)

May 22nd, 2020 § 0 comments

Listening to Subvoice on sunday morning -by Sven Schlijper Karssenberg
Transfer – by Sven Schlijper Karssenberg
Unsounds collection – by Ben Carey
Pop-up shop, Italy 2020 – by Cristian Filipelli
Transfer/2 -by Radio Campus Bruxelles
Just received Tout ce que je sais -by Andy Moor
At San Serriffe, Amsterdam -by Nearly not there records
The Hum, A family of three, just acquired – by Sven Schlijper Karssenberg
Transfer/1 : departures spotted at Bimbo Tower, Paris -by Valeria Giuga

When the work leaves the shop and finds a home. Sleeves photographed in context.

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